Vibrant Fukuoka

We can’t remember whether we decided to go to Fukuoka because it is one of Japan’s largest cities and the furthest South West we’d go, or because every November, for a week, Fukuoka is thrust into the nation’s spotlight as visitors flock to the city that hosts one of Japan’s six Sumo Grand Tournaments. Either …

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Okunoin, Kyosan : The Temple at the End 🇯🇵

“There are no dead in Okunoin, but only waiting spirits.”  Spending a night on Mount Koya is filled with many beautiful must-see sights but none more so than Okunoin Cemetery, Japan’s largest graveyard. It was early afternoon when we set out, but we were immediately blessed with gorgeous dappled light, showcasing the Autumn leaves in …

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Death in Japan ⛩

Graveyards can be sombre and contemplative spaces.  Coming across a 17th century burial site just above the Kanmangafuchi Abyss in Nikko, that was interring “The Graves of the Self-Immolation”, was especially intriguing. I’ll admit that I wasn’t exactly sure what ‘self-immolation’ meant and had to have Geoff explain to me that self-immolation is the act of …

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