The Cats of Morocco 🐈

I walk blindly through the busy Medina, eyes red-rimmed, cheeks damp with tears. Passers-by double-take as they glance at me. Perhaps a fight with her

Sahara: A sea of sand

An ocean of silence. The hush penetrates and mutes the noise and confusion of our busy city lives. This is a place for quiet contemplation,

Fès, Morocco – “Athens of Africa”🇲🇦

“Many destinations are interesting, but few are truly intriguing—for intrigue requires mystery; something fascinating, yet not immediately obvious. Fez, the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities,

A road trip through Morocco: Part 1 – Southbound

Mountains, big mountains, even bigger mountains; sparse open plains extending to the horizon; lush green palmerai;  ochre desert sands; crashing waves. We had spent so much time investigating the