Falling in love with Fall 🍁

I love the woodsy smell of cedar and fir trees. I love the way the pine trees form a warm, bright doorway back to the

Vibrant Fukuoka

We can’t remember whether we decided to go to Fukuoka because it is one of Japan’s largest cities and the furthest South West we’d go,

Miyajima: Iconic symbol of Japan ⛩

After cleverly sorting our luggage into:Suitcase A. Useful Stuff Suitcase B. No longer Useful Stuff (eg. summer clothes, hiking gear and souvenirs), and Carry-on bag C. Overnight

Wakayama, Japan’s Kingdom of Fruit 🏯

After a quick change-over in Shin-Osaka, we took a panda-themed train to Wakayama. Across the platform, ready to depart was an African wildlife themed train.