Polo gets a new lease on life!

There is little more heartbreaking than seeing anyone who is sharp of mind ending up physically incapacitated. To be alert and willing in every way,

Japan🇯🇵- land of contrasts

Clichés exist because there is a grain of truth at the centre of the sentiment. When people say “Japan is a land of contradictions”, they’re not

Food in Japan: Sensory overload

It is said that you can’t have a bad meal in Tokyo, but I don’t think you can have a bad meal in Japan. Everything looked

Kyoto – Cultural Centre of Japan

The ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto nestles in a valley in the South west of the country. Japan’s cultural centre, it was saved from total

City of Osaka – Japan’s tasty kitchen

Nicknamed Tenka no Daidokoro or “the nation’s kitchen”, this term originally referred to Osaka’s Edo Period status as Japan’s centre for rice trade. Nowadays, it